Dr. Henno Martin Tour / Kuiseb Trip / Hiking / Astronomy for the Expert

Niedersachsen offers various 3- to 4-hour round trips on the farm in the Landcruiser. To benefit from a good sun angle, all these round trips are preferably scheduled for the afternoon so that you can take really good photographs of the different landscapes home with you. If you are interested in a farm excursion, you must arrive before 14h in winter and before 15h in the summer.

Henno Martin Tour

The cross-country vehicle takes you over hills and valleys far into the Nausgomab River. We show you trees and shrubs which have developed special strategies to survive the long periods of drought. From the river valleys our path winds back up into the mountains – the visitor will have a breathtaking view far into the Namib Desert. A short section of road goes along the Bay Road (the ancient access road from the Highlands to the coast). Then we arrive at the well-preserved second hideout of Dr. Henno Martin and Dr. Hermann Korn. Here we have an opportunity to see how these men lived and survived with their hunting methods which they copied from the indigenous people. We visit their watering places and also the bitter water spring, where they often hunted with success.

The Kuiseb Trip

In the Landcruiser we wind our adventurous way right down into the gorges of the Kuiseb River. We encounter oryx, springbuck and mountain zebra. Bird lovers have a field day because Niedersachsen is home to a great number of bird species. The trip takes us through the Kuiseb riverbed, then up again into the mountainous landscape and homeward to a sun-downer and supper.


Hiking tours of up to two hours are possible directly from the farmhouse. The hike to the mountain behind the house is very attractive. From it one has a grand view over the entire farmyard and surroundings. Another hiking trail goes along the Amintis River, which meanders through the farm. Niedersachsen is also very interesting for the geologically inclined hiker because it lies in the “copper belt” and its numerous rock formations are a special experience. Your hosts will assist you with more stimulating ideas.

Astronomical observation for the expert (on request)

We have a station for astronomical observation and photography close to the farmhouse. We offer an “astronomical vacation” at Niedersachsen in Namibia. The conditions for DEEP-SKY-observations are ideal, visually and photographically. There is absolutely no light pollution. The clearest skies prevail from May to September.

You can bring your own instrument, but we also have a C-8 on a Vixen SP-DX mounting on a stable, vibration-free column with a lot of visual and photographic accessories. There is a stable, flexible wind-shelter as well, because it gets quite windy at times. At the column there is 12 volt direct current, suitable for the control unit of the C-8. A second battery is available for your own instrument, in case you bring one, and extra counter-weights. When using your own instruments it is necessary to test whether the weight axis will still miss the tripod even at a low polar elevation (23° on the Tropic of Capricorn).


We are constantly working to improve the observation equipment. Please get information from us prior to your visit.

Unfortunately we are not professional astronomers, but we can help to rectify small technical problems.


We can also assist the layman to find his orientation in the southern starry sky.